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Chaser is a short gaming experience where you play a green character lost in the middle of space. On the screen, you see just your little green protagonist and another blue character to his right that runs away from you when you try to get closer.

The controls in Chaser are simple: use the arrow keys to move your character, keeping in mind that the longer you run in one direction, the faster you'll go. The faster you go, the more points you get. That said, if you run into any of the obstacles that appear along the way, you'll lose all your points.

It won't take long to discover that the faster your little green guy runs, the faster the blue one runs, too, making it impossible to catch up to him. Therefore, the key to the game lies in thinking about the situation from a different perspective. What if the person you're chasing is not YOUR person?

Chaser is a fantastic gaming experience that can be finished in just five minutes and will make you reflect on greater things. The game's music is also excellent.
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